Influence of Colors in Vastu

September 30, 2008

The most powerful thing influencing human life, mind and body are colors. Colors are the best way to give a new look to your place without even costing you much. Various color schemes at your place can spell wonders in your living area. In the early times natural colors extracted from fruits and vegetables were regarded as symbol of our day to day lives. Red, in those times was regarded as a color symbolizing life and blood. White was the color of the day, yellow as the color of fire and so on. It is not only an ancient tale about colors rather even today according to Feng shui colors play a vital role in our lives. Colors develop a strong relation with human from his birth. The day and month of birth of human beings gives sun signs for everyone and for every particular sun sign; there is a specific lucky color. These colors infest good luck and positive energy in life.  Some colors which are lucky for sun signs are given as under:

• The lucky charm for the Aries zodiac is coral red.
• Taurus has the lucky color of milky white.
• The lucky color of Gemini is green.
• Rose red and pearl white prove auspicious for Cancerians.
• Dim white and ruby white most of the times prove positive for Leo.
• Virgo’s lucky color is emerald green.
• Libran’s auspicious color is the cement grey and milky white.
• Coral reds and pink are the colors meant for scorpions
• Sagittarians positive color is golden yellow.
• Good lucks come in the life of Capricorns when they opt for dim reds.
• Pinks and blues are meant for the Aquarians.
• The yellows and pure white is a boon for the Pisceans.

Given above are zodiac specific colors which can be implemented at your place according to your zodiac.  Specific rooms can be painted according to suitable zodiac colors.

Vastushastra not only has the importance of colors with reference to zodiacs, it tells us about the impact of colors in various other fields. Some examples are:

• Light colors are positive for a room which does not get enough daylight.
• A room having ample of natural lights should always be painted in deep colors.
• A north window admitting cold light should never go for a blue wall coat.
• Peaches and yellows are completely prohibited for a room getting direct sunlight.
• Most of the times a white ceiling is advisable.

Vastushastra suggests different colors which are decided according to the direction of the building. This decision is taken on the basis of the color of the planets which govern these directions. Some examples of direction specific colors are given as under:

• A bright shining white is considered the best if the building is facing the east direction that is sun facing.
• Saturn or west facing house should most of the times go with shades of blue color.
• The direction of mercury that is north facing places gets positive energies from all the shades of green.
• Pinks and coral red prove to be the best for mars which is south facing.
• Golden yellow is advised for a north-east facing building. North east is the direction of Jupiter.
• The Rahu planet‘s direction is south-west and the best suitable color for houses in this directions are all the shades of green.
• Silver white is the shade of south-east direction which signifies the prominence of Venus.
• Pure white is moons color and the best suitable direction for it is north-west.

Given above are some of the direction specified colors which hold some or the other relevance with the planets which govern our lives according to Vastushastra. Vastushastra says that the color of a particular thing is solely dependent upon the light reflections it emits. This light reflects back to our eyes and defines the color to our eyes. One of the very important vastu principle mentions that human being is also a blend of two colors, which are black and white. Black here symbolizes dark aspect of personality while white signifies the positives in the character. Even the colour of your door furniture could have a great influence on the prosperity and affluence of your home. Door furniture comes in various ranges and styles and one should be careful in choosing the best ones for your home.

Lastly, we can conclude that colors have a deep impact on human beings. So if you think deeply about it you will also discover that your emotions also represent some or the other color. Thus, always keep in mind that colors have a lot of significance in our lives and they can even get change in a person’s mood. So go ahead choose the best color as per your Vastu which would welcome good health and prosperity in your house.


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